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Following is a list of the services that we provide along with a suggested range of fees depending upon the project's complexity and required expertise. To learn more about these services, you may link back to the pages and view examples of our work.


Market Research (product research, competitive analysis,
marketing options, etc.): $60-$75/hour
Survey Research
(survey reports design, execution, production,
delivery): $50-$75/hour
Marketing Plan
(project scope and budgeting, marketing options and costs,
roll-out plan and timetable) $60-$95/hour



Advertising Copywriting: $75-$120/hr
Advertising Design: $65-$125/hr
Full-page advertisement generally costs $200-$800

Book Production

Manuscript Review: $50-$100/hr, higher for technical, scientific, and reference manuscripts
Book Design: $75-$200/hr, typically $750 to $2,500 for comprehensive design templates
Cover Design: $75-$150/hr, $750 to $2,500 per cover
Developmental Editing: $50-$75/hr
Rewriting: $50-$85/hr
Copyediting: $30-$40/hr; online editing $40-$50/hr
Art Design: $30-$60/hr
Illustrations: $50-$100/hr
Indexing: $40-$60/hr, $3-$8/indexable page
Typesetting: $30-$60/hr
Directory Database Design: $75-$100/hr
Proofreading: $25-$40/hr (higher for technical, scientific and reference material)

Direct Marketing

Direct Mail Copywriting: $50-$100/hr
Direct Mail Design: $65-$125/hr
Direct Mail Production: $40-$60/hr (Print Management, Lettershop and Mailing Lists/Postal Services Management)
Creative services for direct mail packages generally cost $1500-$8,000 based on
project complexity.

Events and Publicity

New Product Media Launch: $40-$75/hr depending on project complexity
Media List Development: $25-$40/hr
Events Planning: $30-$50/hour ($300-$650/day)
Trade Show Exhibits: (content development, design, production) $50-$75/hr
Book Publicity: (catalog copy, jacket copy, advance news, news releases, book reviews, press kits) $35-$50/hr

Sales and Marketing Collateral

Logo Design: $65-$125/hour, development generally ranges between $125 and $500
Marketing Literature: $50-$85/hour, depending on project complexity
Advertising: $65-$120/hour for copywriting and design services
Signage: $12-$20/square foot

Writing Services

Manuscript and Content Development: Articles/Books/Chapters $30-$50/hr; Letters $40-$60/hr; Newsletters $30-$60, based on layout complexity; Reports & Proposals $30-$50/hr; Technical Documents $30-$50/hr; Copyediting $30-$50/hr Developmental Editing $50-$75/hr; Proofreading $25-$40/hr (higher for technical, scientific and reference material); Rewriting: $50-$85/hr.
Educational Content: Course Content $30-$50/hr; Exhibits $50-$75/hr; Instructional Manuals $30-$50/hr; Instructional Design and Online Curriculum $50-$85/hr; Reports and Proposals $40-$60/hr
Advertising and Marketing Literature: Copywriting $50-$120/hr;
Design $65-$125/hr
Business Writing: Annual Reports & Business Plans $40-$60/hr, depending on complexity and availability of economic data; Corporate Histories $40-$50/hr; Executive Summaries $50/hr; Marketing Communications, $40-$50/hr; Presentations $50-$65/hr; Product Literature: $65-$95/hr; Software Manuals & Documentation $30-$60/hr.

Web Development

Content Development: $50-$75/hr
Home Page Design: $750 minimum (including site structure analysis/setup, navigation design and layout, primary and sub links, other content and design elements)
Web Page Design: $75-$100/page (including design and layout; unlimited revisions, placement of logos, photos, and graphics; unlimited links; pop-up windows; cross-browser compatibility, site upload)
Flash: $75/hr (quote provided prior to development)
Banners: $50-$200
Icons: $35-$100
Illustrations: $50-$100/hr
Logos: $125-$600
Photos: Use of royalty-free collection; stock research $30/hr
Shopping Cart: $65/hr (quote provided prior to development)
Website Marketing: $50/hr (SEO, keywords & description, research of online directories, sponsored listings, pay-per-click programs)

Integrated Creative Services

Logo and Corporate Identity: $125-$1,500 depending on complexity and brand applications
Advertising and Direct Mail Campaigns: (See Advertising and Direct Marketing)
Website Design & Hosting
: (See Web Development)

Library and Information Services

Catalog/Database Design and Development: $50-$125/hr depending on
project complexity
Collection Planning & Analysis: $35-$75/hr
Abstracting: $30-$40/hour
Indexing: $30-$60/hr, $3-$8/indexable page

Hospitality Creative Services

Service/Brand Identity: $125-$1,500 depending on complexity and brand applications
: $12-$20/square foot
Web Development and Internet Marketing: See Web Development
Marketing Literature: Copywriting $50-$85/hr; Design $65-$125/hr
Promotional Products: Call or email to request a quotation.

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